Where is SEO Going, and How Much of That Industry Talk Even Matters?

The Internet has a tendency to take the extreme version of any given situation. In the office, employees may be reserved in talking openly about certain future expectations of their chosen industry. Yet, online is a different matter. People make exclamatory comments. Is Twitter dead in the water? Why is Google Plus a complete failure? These comments serve an obvious purpose.

A lot of this is said to capture some attention from people searching through the indexes. A headline such as ‘social media is dead’ is far more captivating than ‘social media may be sort of slowing down but probably not.’ Social media is absolutely not dead. But, there is a fair argument there somewhere, hidden beneath the exaggeration and clickbait strategies.


There is an important silver lining somewhere in the chaos of the notoriously changing SEO industry. These big-picture claims are somewhat missing the point of search engine optimization and what it entails. SEO is all about the end of the tail. Sure, some people are trying to rank for keywords such as ‘shoes’ or ‘free pictures,’ but the competition is absurd (and many would argue that that boat has sailed, for Wal-Mart will top most general product keywords and the free domain projects have a large enough following to dominate anything with the word free in it).

If SEO is about the end of the tail, then who is hanging out there? The answer to that is the local market. The local seo services are far more valuable than the large and renowned options. They know their little spot at the end of the tail far better than an industry leader. All these big claims of social media marketing being dead, or SEO being all about the head of the snake are deluded and wrong. The industry talk is scaring people to inaction. Does that not benefit the industry? It makes their job easier because less people are willing to take the dive. Make a great product. Market it right. SEO is alive and well, but it is local. The exaggerated claims only seek to distract, especially in this wonderful transitional period.


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